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Pretty much half of the comments/asks/notes I got on this chapter were “AW MAN, I THOUGHT THEY WERE GONNA BONE BUT THEY GOT COCK BLOCKED!”

Which, LOL.

I was originally going to have them be more… well…in the momentwhen they got interrupted for the call, but did not. My beta for-prim wisely noted that you would be weird to have them “in the midst” so to speak and then have him get this terrible news, because then it would be linking Everlark sexy times with his mother’s death. That’s a fucked up Oedipal thing, and/or a boner killer. Plus, Peeta did not answer the phone when they had all their clothes on and were kissing, so he’s sure not going to answer it if they were any farther along. FUCK that phone, man - Peeta’s got a boner and Katniss is good to go!


The lemon thing… I know you guys are sick of hearing about my husband and me, so I’ll try and make that the last reference I put in this story. But Erik ate a lemon on our first date because I dared him. It was impressive. I ate the lemon on our one year anniversary.

I’m pleased to see how many in Red Sox Nation are reading this story. Anyone else want to join me as I bash my head in over Kevin Youkilis? One of these days I’m going to write a fic where President Snow is the owner of the Yankees and K&P must burn down Yankees Stadium and overthrow the Evil Empire. Should Francona be Haymitch, a.k.a. the former victor? (It would be funny if I weren’t crying)

Back to the story.

So Katniss is starting to have real love (or love-like) feelings for Peeta. And I thought about having her push it away some more or being frustratingly blind to it like she is in canon, but I struggled with it and there are other authors who do a far better job of it than I could.

Besides, this story is ultimately about Katniss and the emotional progress she makes in her life during this time. She’s opened herself up to new friends (hi Finnick) and opened herself up to a relationship (hi Peeta), allowed others to take care of her/see her when she is vulnerable, and put herself in a position where she had to do something for herself (her surgery) even though it could have ended up badly, for a variety of reasons (health, financial, etc.) Look at our little Katniss, she’s maturing, emotionally! So now we move to the part of the story where she makes even more emotional progress, and that’s all I’m going to say right now because I don’t want to spoil the next chapter yet.

Speaking of the next chapter, it’s outlined and I am going to start writing it tomorrow. But things at my house are a bit bananas these days, and the holiday is coming up (and I am TOTALLY unprepared for it), so I’m not sure when it will get done, beta-ed and posted.

Thanks to everyone who left a note, a comment, a review, a kudos, or a “like” on this story or any of my posts about it. Seriously, every single one makes me smile uncontrollably, like a very pasty-faced jack-o-lantern. Also, rock on to those who expressed their love of Grosse Point Blank. Seriously, such an awesome movie with such a kickass soundtrack. I think I’m gonna watch that movie again tomorrow.

  1. beyonceofpanem said: I am finally all caught up with your story and I love it! Also, I am an Orioles fan and I would be the #1 fan of the K and P burn down Yankee Stadium fic. ;)
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