Liveblogging my mom watching Hunger Games

Full bread flashback scene. At this point, I stopped the movie to explain the significance of that moment in the book.

Mom: OK, while you’re stopped, let me ask a few questions. (Points to Katniss) What’s her real name?

Me: Jennifer Lawrence.

Mom: And her character doesn’t have a relationship with Hutcher…Hutchin…. Hutchelsong?

Me: Josh Hutcherson. Who plays Peeta. And up to this point in the movie, they do not have any relationship and their only encounter has been with the bread.

Mom: Does this take place on another planet?

Me: No it’s North America, only it’s after the fall of civilization there, and the country built itself up again and named itself Panem. (Explains Districts and Panem and Dark Days).

Mom: Is that Gale guy gonna be in this movie again?

Me: No, he’s dead.


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