i woke up and saw a text notification on my phone and it only showed the last two texts received and I can’t say what they were because that will reveal who it was from but when out of context, they were hands down the funniest texts I’ve ever received

And I have a new way to end a story that I don’t realize doesn’t have an ending until I’m almost done with it (don’t you hate those) other than randomly blurting out “and then I found $20, the end.”

where’s my coffee

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(pt1) I saw the movie first, thought it was boring/fine. In the end I though "OMG this Peeta is so pathietic! but the actor is nice". Then people on tumblrwere excited about CF and decided to read the books. I finished them in 3-4 days and was hooked and in love w/Peeta. And I really think that Gary Ross fucked up his part and it makes Josh to try twice as hard to make Peeta more interesting now 'cause those who don't read the books were not impressed by Peeta in HG and...

People would hate me for it but I don’t find josh attractive at all and I’m so tired of seeing the fandom shit on people who don’t want like him bc of his looks, like can I be shallow and say I just like him bc he is peeta? But thats all? And I have to admit he and Jen have no chemistry on screen whatsoever, I agree with the stupid old film critics, not with liam either, and I feel like she is not the problem there. But if I say it I would be practically out of the fandom… But I understand it

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When I read THG and Katniss was described as having Olive skin I always imagined her as a having an Italian-like complexion and could never really understand why people freaked out about exactly what nationality she was supposed to be. THG is so far in the future that I always just assumed the nations were more blended together to the point that heritage or nationality would be hard to identify. The fact that Katniss does not speak about nationality at any point furthered this opinion for me.

streetlightlove1 asked:

I think fandom can suck the fun out of being a fan, I shipped Joshifer but now I feel icky doing it. I think Jhutch is a very good actor, but I don't crush on him - too young!, I thought jlaw kind of phoned in a lot of her cf performance, it makes me sad when girls ship/fall in love with characters like Gale (and many au characters) who are manipulative and abusive at times to the women they "love". I think Katniss is awesome, the you could live a 100 lifetimes line makes me sick. Everlark ftw😍

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I don't like Jennifer but I'm grateful to all the actors that played in the Hunger Games movies, but I would have liked they would have tried harder with Katniss's characterization. Once I said that Jennifer must had to lost a little bit of weight to play Katniss (c'mon she only used a black wig! And that's all? She's Katniss? At least gray lenses?) I didn't mean her to become anorexic but people almost crucify me lol.