Anonymous asked:

Have you ever closed your eyes during sex and wished you were somewhere else? And if so, where?

No but I have closed my eyes and wished I was with someone else, and that is one of many reasons why I stopped dating that person.

jennagill asked:

Favorite position? And favorite euphemism for 'morning wood'? It's a two-fnur Tuesday, didn't you know?

Depends on a few factors, but I enjoy from behind or being on top the most, probably.

And I have no favorite, because every single one we came up with is a diamond:

Dawn Timber
Daybreak Logjam
Sunrise Lumber
Horizon Hard-on
Prenoon boner
Wake-up Woody
Daytime Dickline
Daylight Dong
Breakfast Banger
Forenoon Foreskin
Pre-lunch Package
Aurora Erection
Sun-up Straight-Up
Morn’ Tool
Break of Dawn Hard-on

For my followers who read/have read my fic(s)

Would anyone be interested in the following:

1. A “more info” post after each chapter of Sweat Equity, like I used to do with Range of Motion?

2. A post for each of my fics, revisiting them and discussing them? I recently reread all of them and laughed at inconsistencies, found favorite quotes, remembered things about writing them, and laughed at how ridiculous some of them are.