Anonymous asked:

There's a Best Buy right near my house, I have to be out of my house tomorrow for an hour or two (showing) and yet, I'd only go up there if I was getting paid. This whole thing is just so poorly executed.


And I could say NOW that the only way this fandom is gonna forgive Lionsgate is if the actual trailer comes out tomorrow with free chocolate and handjobs.

But let’s be honest.

When the teaser is leaked/released and we see it, we’re gonna flip our shit (temporarily). When the real trailer comes out, we’re gonna flip our shit. And at least a few of us are going to say/think “THANK YOU LIONSGATE ALL IS FORGIVEN”

This is fandom life, y’all. We experience everything in the most vibrant colors - from the fiery red rage of WTF YOU MEAN THERES NO TRAILER ONLINE YET to the darkest black of despair PEETA CLENCHED HIS FIST IM DYING to the most vibrant yellow of TOOOOASTBABIES!!!!

Unfortunately, there’s no color in the world bright enough to take my cranky ass to Best Buy tomorrow.

Literally just reblogging now to see if the “Living Portraits” make an appearance before the trailer (they’re already in the booth but the trailer premiere is not in the booth).